Mr. Hart got his Undergraduate degree from Brown University with an economics & political science major and started his media career at Brown's 50,000 watt commercial radio station WBRU-FM. Whlle at Brown, Thomas participated in the student takeover of the college and filed a petition at the Federal Communications Commission to deny renewal of the school's license of its radio station until it provided more opportunities and programming for minorities. During his junior year, he was an exchange student at Morehouse College and worked at nearby WCLK-FM at Clark University.

After graduation from Brown, Mr. Hart entered Georgetown Law School to become a Communication & Entertainment Lawyer. During law school, he worked at the White House office of Telecom Policy and was a law clerk at two elite national law firms. Once graduating from Georgetown Law he clerked for the Honorable Judge Theodore McMillian on the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals in St. Louis.

Mr. Hart has an impressive career as an attorney advocating for financing, public policy and laws that encourage minority ownership of radio, TV and cable stations. He became a Partner of a national law firm at the age of 29 and was lead counsel for Astroline Broadcasting that won a Supreme Court decision that upheld Congressional and FCC policies that fostered minority programming, black ownership of media, cellular services and internet infrastructure.

Mr.Hart started OTP in 1985 and the Telecommunications Development Fund in 1996 to finance small businesses. Hart was recognized as one of the Top 10 telecom attorneys by the National Bar Association. 

Thomas Hart, Jr. 

President Of The Potomac Productions